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Honey Harvesting & Extraction

We have expertise in arvesting and extracting honey using accessories that enhance removal of honey (separation from the comb cells) without destroying the combs and compromising the quality of the honey. Comb conservation is meant to make work easier for colonies, no rebuilding when taken back to the hive.

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Honey Processing & Packaging

We supply accessories used in handling honey during processing once harvested from the field and still trapped within the comb cells. Besides doing packaging for our Golden Bee Hive Products, we also partner with individual enterprises/SMES to offer private packaging and labeling services

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Pollination Services

Crop pollination is key to food production and security – has been little understood especially in this part of the world. At Apiculture venture we seek to pollinate farm fields by placing already colonized hives(migratory colonies) in farm to increase food production significantly. Bees are essential components of almost all of th worlds ecosystems. They provide both pollination services, and are excellent indicators of the state of terrestrial environments including responses to global warming. A major challenge to knowing how to manage wild bees for pollination services.

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Site Management

Site management in beekeeping refers to intervention techniques that a beekeeper may perform to ensure the area /apiary is clean and safe for the bees and to maximize hive production. Site management techniques vary widely depending on the objectives. We have hive management under site management and this include management for :

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  1. 1. Honey production
  2. 2. Pollination
  3. 3. Queen breeding
  4. 4. Royal jelly production
  5. 5. Pollen collection
  6. 6. Propolis production
  7. 7. Pollination services
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