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Who we are

Apiculture Venture Limited is a key player in the honey and beekeeping industry in Kenya with a unique business model that serves to solve inefficiencies in the apiculture value chain. Our business innovations revolve around wax and honey value addition and how best we can boost the bee activity in the hives for high quantity and quality yield for the beekeeper.

For products, in addition to to processing and selling honey and beeswax in their natural forms, we have a variation of value-added healthy and nutritious byproducts trading under the Golden Bee brand. These products include, from beeswax; Hand and Body Jelly, Lip balms, Wax strips and Wax sheets, and Scented Candle. From honey we have Honey Chocolates, Creamed Honey, Honey Concoction quick fix and Flavoured Honey

Our Commitment

As a social enterprise we are committed to boosting household food resilience by reducing the number of food-insecure Kenyans; supporting honey production as a business, providing access to market for guaranteed income, processing honey as a way of value addition, and ensuring food-insecure households especially in Arid and Semi- Arid Lands have sustainable income that will guarantee access to sufficient and nutritious food among other basic needs.

To this end, we partner with like-minded organizations and institutions in projects that improve community livelihoods by engaging especially women and youth to create a value chain out of beekeeping and honey. Additionally, we promote sustainable beekeeping and offer markets for honey and other hive products to the over 2000 local beekeepers we directly collaborate with as our supply base thereby creating social, economic and environmental impact.

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Our core values

Customer-centered service provision

Youth Empowerment

Women Empowerment


Sustainable practices

Team work

Vision & Mission

Our Vision

To help beekeeping and beekeepers in Kenya as the leading one-stop solutions provider.

Our Mission

To be sustainable and reliable modern beekeeping solutions provider by putting bees at the center of beekeeping practice, using bee-friendly practices where the habits, natural behaviours and the needs of the bee are the first considerations of the beekeeper before honey production.

Our Team

we are a collaborative team
with complementary talents


Pauline Otila kamwara

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Go Down No. G8-1, Airport North Road, Next to Nairobi CocaCola Bottlers
P.O. Box 78772-00500 Nairobi, Kenya

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