Extractors and Honey Press

3-Frame Extractor

Used for purposes of

  • Centrifuge machine;- uses centrifugr force to extract honey from frames. Size depends on the number of frames i.e 2,3 4,6 9 -36 frame centrifuge machine.
  • Decapping fork;- the forked portion is used to remove the cappings/wax seal o the surface of a capped or sealed comb full of honey.
  • Decapping tray;- is a working space during decapping or removal of the wax covering on capped frames before extracting the honey.
  • Sieve (double or single);- sieves honey to remove any sediments or particles.
  • Settling tank;- ideal for allowing honey settle and later be packed from the tank’s valve.

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12-Frame Extractor


12 Frame Extractor

Frame Extractor