About Us

Learn More About Apiculture Venture Limited, we offer a wide range of  Beekeping Products and Services.


Apiculture Venture Limited is pleased to introduce ourselves as one of the major players in the beekeeping industry in Kenya. Apiculture Venture Limited is a social enterprise that engages especially the youth and women to create a value chain out of beekeeping and honey.

We promote sustainable bee keeping and offer markets for honey thereby creating social, economic and environmental impacts. Bee farming has for long been viewed as an “OLD farmers” activity with little indulgence of the youth and women.

With the correct information necessary to increase beekeeping output per in various counties of Kenya, reduce their unit cost of production and, therefore, significantly improve returns on their investment, we believe that the Kenyan youth today must be involved in all the stages of beekeeping programs Apiculture Venture Limited to this regard is seeking ways to support the growth of modern beekeeping in Kenya crop by using the extension services approach method, which we believe holds the key to improved productivity across the country.

We hereby seek to partner and work with various stakeholders in the beekeeping industry so as to achieve this noble course of supporting beekeeping so as to enhance food security as well job creation to the dwindling job economy


We have a dedicated team of combined experience in the beekeeping industry; We are therefore in a position to offer you tailor-made,lean and cost effective supply of bee-keeping equipment which will result to high honey production of high quality value. We offer our customers/beekeepers the ease of doing business by offering personalized services through extension services and in addition to offering ready market for the commodity (Honey) produced. We are not just focused on being a business partner but a strategic partner in order to create a win-win situation.

We have a dedicated extension service team who will visit your apiaries wherever you are both locally and internationally enabling us to serve our clients benefits that meet their requirements.

We are not just about beekeeping and honey production and packaging, We are passionate about what we do for us at API-VENT;it is beyond the call of duty since we understand the importance of bees in the nature and we therefore have aligned our business to help in conservation of the bees thus conserving the nature hence our motto “SAVE BEES SAVE NATURE”